“The only journey is the one within.”- Rainer Maria Rilke

At some point or another, we have all embarked on that journey – the one that eventually comes back to the self; where we reflect and subtly shift the gaze between the outward and the inward; all the while searching for that one moment where we find ourselves amidst the fog. ‘The Journey Within’ is a narrative of many such journeys.

Featuring the recent works of seven artists, who in their own unique ways, dig deep within their selves and the world around them, ‘The Journey Within’ is a collection of stories and experiments that mark the shifts that the artists have made in their quest for the unknown; the many twists and turns in their paths that have consequently led them to where they are now. The works presented in this rather eclectic examination of the self and beyond, portray singular viewpoints, yet manage to contain within them multiple realities and world of possibilities – all subtly hinting that the journey is in fact the destination.